Orthodontic retention in Abingdon

At the end of orthodontic treatment, the teeth need to be held in the finished position to allow the fibres in the gums to remodel in the new position. This only starts once the braces are off and can easily take up to 18 months to complete. 

Retention is essential and as important as the active treatment.

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There are two main types of retainer: 

Removable retainers

The most commonly used are very thin, clear mouth-guard type plastic; or a plastic plate which fits around the inside of the teeth and has metal clasps to keep it in. For the first few days your teeth may be tender in the morning.

Fixed retainers

Use a small wire attached behind the top or bottom front teeth with special glue. They are not visible from the front. One advantage is that they are always there. But it is necessary to make sure you clean around them as part of your normal brushing, and always avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods. Providing you take constant care, and get them regularly checked at your dentist, they can last many years and maintain the alignment we have achieved with treatment. We only provide this type of retainer on a private basis.  

Retainers will need to be worn every night  for a minimum of 18 months, after which they need to be worn at least a couple of nights a week until your wisdom teeth have erupted fully. Life long wear is recommended to maximise retention of the finished alignment. Teeth will move as a normal ageing process, whether braces have been used or not. If no movement of your teeth is important to you, we advise a life-long commitment to retainer wear is essential. If retainers are not worn, the teeth will move and the correction achieved will be reduced.

    Broken or lost removable appliance/retainer 

    Contact reception at the earliest opportunity to discuss whether an unscheduled appointment is needed for a repair or replacement appliance and any associated costs involved. In the meantime if possible continue to wear the appliance as directed.

    Broken or partly unstuck bonded retainer

    Contact reception for an appointment to review the situation and be given options. In the meantime, wear your removable retainer full time to cover any uncomfortable parts and keep the teeth fully aligned.

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