Emergency orthodontist in Abingdon

Most problems during orthodontic treatment are not emergencies but can be managed with some additional knowledge.

If after reading the advice below you remain unsure on what to do, please contact reception on 01235 559269 with a good description of your concerns and we can advise you on an individual basis. 

Emergency Appointment Toothache

Common emergency issues

Please review the below emergency issues for immediate advice:


As you will have been advised, discomfort is to be expected after having braces first fitted and adjustment visits. We would recommend managing discomfort with anti-inflammatory medication, following the manufacturer's directions, and eating soft foods. Tenderness usually becomes manageable after 2 - 3 days.


Using silicone wax, as shown in your fitting appointment, on any part of the appliance can minimise any irritation of your lips and gums. If ulcers appear, we would recommend managing with anti-septic mouthwash, keeping a clean mouth and using surface pain relief to encourage quick repair. Also aim to include plenty of Vitamin C in your diet.

Swollen gums

This is usually caused by poor oral hygiene; follow the instructions given at your first appointment, making full use of inter dental brushes and the tufted end of your toothbrush behind the wire. Using daily fluoride-free mouthwash can also help.

Allergic/hypersensitive reaction

A true allergic reaction is unusual as nickel sensitivity rarely causes problems, but if you experience symptoms of a burning sensation, metallic taste, swelling and soreness of the tongue or difficulty breathing, seek help immediately. Contact reception for appliance removal or out of hours contact NHS England on 111.

Lost elastic

No immediate action is needed; keep your scheduled next visit.

Loose bracket

Occasionally a bracket can come detached from a tooth but remains attached to the wire. If it is not causing discomfort it can be left to your next scheduled visit.

If it causes discomfort:

  • You can manipulate the bracket yourself by twisting it around or along the wire into its original position, or a position of comfort
  • Alternatively you can remove it yourself, using tweezers to hold the elastic band and gently remove it from the bracket, then either dispose of the bracket carefully or bring it in to your next visit

Protruding excess wire

Cover with wax, or trim carefully with nail clippers if wire is thin. Ensure that you get someone to help you with this, as they will be better able to see the end of your wire. Please email reception with a photo of the protruding wire so the team can assess next steps.

Loose or broken wire/band or spring

If the broken piece is loose, carefully remove it with tweezers and contact the surgery as soon as possible. If not, cover the part with silicone wax until your next scheduled visit.

Broken or lost removable appliance/retainer

Contact reception at the earliest opportunity to discuss whether an unscheduled appointment is needed for a repair or replacement appliance and any associated costs involved. In the meantime, if possible, continue to wear the appliance as directed.

We recommend that retainers are worn nightly for at least two years once active treatment has been completed, and then reduced wear for as long as you want your teeth to remain straight.

Broken or partly unstuck bonded retainer

Contact reception at the earliest opportunity for an appointment to review the situation and discuss your options. In the meantime, wear your removable retainer full time to cover any uncomfortable parts and keep the teeth fully aligned until you can see us.

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