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Benefits of Orthodontics


What can orthodontics offer?


Orthodontic therapy not only makes Smiles better for the entire family, but also


  • Provides smiles for improved self confidence and well being.
  • May improve Life chances.
  • Better long term dental health may result from good habits developed during orthodontic treatment.
  • Improve ability to chew and function.
  • Reduced prominence of upper front teeth may result in them being less likely to be knocked or damaged.
  • May reduce vulnerability to teasing, for young people.


By the end of treatment you will have:

  • Teeth straightened and an improved smile.
  • A better bite and teeth maybe easier to clean.
  • A good dental hygiene routine will be instilled which will be easier to maintain.

  • Retainer wear is essential throughout life to stop the teeth returning  to their original position.






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