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Dr. Rosemary Garton



Peachcroft Orthodontics

Specialist Orthodontist for the Entire Family

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Peachcroft Orthodontics

Unit 8

Peachcroft Shopping Centre

Peachcroft Road


OX14 2QA

Tel: 01235 559269


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NHS England: 111


 Irina Coward - Orthodontic Therapist (GDC # 129582)

Irina has long been dedicated to caring for childrenഥeth. In 1992 she obtained a Dental degree in Novosbirsk, Central Russia, and followed this with postgraduate studies in Paediatric (Children頤entistry in 1993.

Irina moved to the UK in 2004, and with her continuing love of working with children and her desire to contribute to their beautiful smiles, she trained in the specialist discipline of Orthodontics. Starting out as an Orthodontic nurse, she then progressed to qualify as Orthodontic therapist, with a diploma from Warwick University in 2011. She has worked as an Orthodontic therapist since early 2012.

Irina joined Peachcroft Orthodontics in January 2012, where she has become a valued member of a professional team of specialists who work tirelessly to improve patients㭩les and lives.